Friday, 8 May 2015

{SQT} My 3-Month-Old's 7 Favourite Solids

Despite my repeated insistence that he will not start on solid foods until at least 4 months, and probably 6, my 3-month-old keeps trying to eat the world. So for my first Seven Quick Takes, I thought I'd list, in no particular order, my babe's 7 favourite solids:

1. Spit-up-covered receiving blankets. I guess they taste kind of like food? He loves to grab these and stuff them in his mouth when I'm trying to burp him, making my task that much more difficult.

2. His outfits. Also typically covered in spit-up and apparently delicious.

3. My hair (which, let's face it, is probably also coated in spit-up). He grabs a big ol' handful and just stuffs it in his mouth. Well, Spikybean, I lose handfuls every time I even look at a brush, so why don't I just give you some of that and you can stop hastening the balding process?

4. His knuckles. He's not much for thumb sucking, but his knuckles are JUST THE BEST. Mmm, delicious.

Here's an unrelated picture of our groundhog friend, because I'm sure babe would love to stuff it in his mouth, too, if only it would fit.

5. His O-Ball rattle. Too bad he can't actually fit it into his mouth. And then he gets really, really mad that he can't fit the whole thing into his mouth and mama has to take it away.

6. His parents' fingers. Preferably several from each parent, at the same time. At which point he gets really, really mad that he can't fit them all into his mouth and mama has to take them away.

7. His double-ended rattle. Sometimes he can fit this in his mouth, if he grabs it just the right way. The rest of the time he gets really, really mad. Or just resorts to kind of licking at it while only getting a bit mad.

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